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Contact & Help

On this page you can find information on the use of the Internet site. Moreover you can retrieve here also the frequently asked questions.

How can I book my holiday?

The booking process is divided into four steps indicated at the top of the screen.

1. Find the holiday of your choice. Indicate with how many people you arrive, when you want to stay with us and the village and cottage type of your preference. On the basis hereof the availability of your ideal holiday will be verified.
2. The availability of the holiday you selected will be presented including comparable alternatives.
3. Possibly select extras to render your holiday experience complete. Alternatively, you can also select a special offer or promotion specifically intended for you.
4. Register at Center Parcs or log in with your existing username and password.
5. Confirm your order and indicate how you would like to pay.

How do I find the ideal holiday?

  • If you already know what you want you can immediately book your holiday.
  • If you first wish to discover Center Parcs you can visit all parts of our site at your leisure. Do not forget to look at the many extras each village offers to turn your holiday into an even better experience.

How do I book more than 1 cottage?

Online you can book 1 up to and including 4 cottages per booking. If you wish to book more cottages you can also indicate if you would like the cottages to be in the vicinity of one another.

Current promotions will automatically be displayed so that you can immediately select these. In case of specific wishes you can contact our Customer Contact Center at number +31 10 498 97 54. Here you can think of:

  • the preferred booking of 2 to 4 cottages located in the vicinity of one another;
  • the booking of various types of cottages in 1 booking;
  • the booking of more than 4 cottages in 1 booking;
  • booking for a period longer than 1 week.

How can I book a promotion or offer online?

  • At step 3 select (provided applicable) a promotion or offer. The thereto pertaining benefits will then become visible on the booking overview.
  • Permanent discounts (such as the Kids Discount and the Seniors Discount) are always visible.
  • Personal benefits (such as for Friends) are only visible after you logged in.

Where can I find the route descriptions to the villages?

Click on the village of your choice and click on 'directions' under the top picture.

Where can I find the plans of the villages?

Click on the village of your choice and click on 'plan' under the top picture.

How do I request a brochure or how do I get in touch?

Click the 'Brochure' button at the top right of the page to request a brochure.