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Le Lac d'Ailette

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in Aisne (France)

Sport and leisure for everyone in the heart of the countryside

By foot, by bike, on land, in the air or in the water, any means is a good way to move, breathe and... live! With its huge 140-hectare lake, Lac d'Ailette holiday park is the ideal destination for water sports enthusiasts. You can also enjoy a plethora of activities in the heart of the countryside.

For a real thrill, the High Adventure course, paintball or buggies are all part of the programme! Golfing enthusiasts , or those who would like to discover this sport will also be delighted to enjoy the 27-hole golf course located near the village.

A great way to enjoy fun-filled holidays.

Other activities

  • High Adventure Trail

    After a quick safety rundown, you are free to discover the High Adventure Trail with its suspension bridges, footbridges , balance beams and other lianas... Fun and exciting!
    2 trails available :

    • "Accro speeder" : no need to have a climbing harness anymore ! A giant safety net is under all the course. For a feeling of total freedom !
    • "Line life" : the classic Hight Adventure course. You're hanging by a rope and a karabiner to a climbing harness.


    Line life course :
    Adult : 25 ¤
    Child under 18 y.o : 22 ¤

    Accro speeder course :
    Adult : 21,50 ¤
    Child under 18 y.o : 19,50 ¤

    1.40m minimum height and parental permission required for minors.

  • Midget golf

    Perfect to amuse the family, our Midget golf will be the center of unforgettable games.


    Children aged up to and including 10 years: ¤ 5,50
    Adults: ¤ 10,50

  • Rolling Bubble

    A huge bubble (3 meters in diameter) filled with air, inside a smaller bubble in which you slip.
    The result: you move like a hamster and fly like an astronaut. Unique Experiences!

    Price: ¤ 9,50

    From 3 yo.
    Session of 10 mn.

  • Sports tournaments

    Exciting tournaments are organized every week. Create your own team and sign up for a badminton, tennis, football, tennis table or bowling tournament. May the best team win!

    Price: ¤5 /person

    From 14 y.o.
    2 hours session.

  • Jet Kids

    Make your kids dreams come true at the wheel of a jet ski. Thanks to its pneumatic floats, it is perfectly safe. Excitement guaranteed!

    Price: 9 ¤

    For children from 3 to 12 years of age.
    1 person per jet ski + mandatory lifejacket. Book at the funshop or at the village reception desk.

  • Water sports

    The village Le Lac d'Ailette has a large lake of more than 140 hectares, with a beautiful white sandy beach. Take advantage of the various water activities that are available here: canoe, rowing boat, pedal boat or electric boat.

    The sailing school located near the village (runned by an external company) extends you a warm welcome. Here, you will discover sailing techniques and the rules of boating. You will also learn to understand how the sailing boat reacts to the different rudder movements and manoeuvres.


    Pedal boat : ¤9,50/30 mn
    Electric boat : from ¤19,50/30 mn
    Canoe : ¤9,50/30 mn
    Sailing : information on the village.

    Swimming is not allowed in this lake.

  • Segway

    A few minutes are enought toyou can master this strange machine with big wheels! To Accelerate, to turn, to brake ... This new generation electric means of transport moves according to the movements of your body

    Price: ¤16/person

    From 16 y.o.
    Helmet required (included).
    30 minutes session: 10 min for initiation and 20 min to practice.

  • Bikes

    At Center Parcs, you are fully in harmony with nature. The car stays in the car park and you can enjoy the village by bike. family rides and forest trails just for you !
    On site, you can also rent electric bikes and scooters, Fun bikes and surrey bikes.


    Adult bike:
    weekend: ¤ 18,00
    midweek: ¤ 22,50
    week: ¤ 37,00

    Children's bike:
    weekend: ¤ 10,25
    midweek: ¤ 11,25
    week: ¤ 17,50

    Prices available on a selection of bikes.

    Get a 5% reduction on the price of your rental when you book a bike pass in advance.

  • Archery

    Discover the subtleties of archery and hit your mark like a true Robin Hood.

    Price: ¤ 16

    30 min session.
    We advice you to book this activity in advance.

  • 18-hole golf course

    Located in the front of the area, our magnificent 18-hole golf course offers an unforgettable round. A Pro level challenge! Or enjoy our 9-hole Pitch and Putt course. The Golf school and our team are available for beginners just starting to enjoy the game, or to help seasoned players improve their technique.

    Price: Information on the village (independant of the village)

  • Paintball

    The paintball is a true team sport. In the heart of a natural environment, choose the right strategy to bring back the flag located on the opposing side in your starting area. Fantastic and exciting!


    Per person:
    - For 7-12 y.o: ¤10 for 50 markers.
    - For adults: ¤21 for 100 markers - ¤31 for 200 markers.

    From 7 years.
    Children (7 to 12 years) and adults (over 12 years) sessions separated.
    12 people maximum per session of 30 minutes.
    Guns and hooded provided.
    Markers: biodegradable water paint balls.

  • Stand-Up Paddling

    From Hawaii to Australia, paddleboarding is the up-and-coming sport. Stars love having their photo taken on a paddleboard. But most of all, its an all-body sport that works your muscle strength and balance. The result? Gliding on the water while developing your muscles without even realising!

    Price: 10 ¤

    1 person per board + mandatory lifejacket. Book at the funshop or at the village reception desk.

  • Buggy ride

    1-hour ride in the surrounding countryside.

    Price: ¤ 50,00/2 people/buggy

    Maximum 2 people per buggy.
    Driver must hold a standard driving licence.
    Caution requested.

  • Horse-back Riding

    Near the village, the equestrian center accommodates seasoned riders and beginners alike on our horse tours, designed for groups at the same level.

    Price: Contact us by phone : 0033 3 23 25 00 00.

  • Football, beach volley

    Enjoy a football or beach volley match with your friends, on the outdoor grounds near the beach

    Price: Free.

  • Fun-Bikes

    Fun bikes with 2, 3 or 4 wheels and more... Try them out alone or with others!
    Take the whole family round the village with the Family bike!


    Fun Bikes: from ¤ 6,50/h.
    Family bikes: ¤ 13,00/h

  • Bike package

    At Center Parcs, the bicycle is the ideal means of transport.
    The following prices include a 5% discount.


    Adult bike:
    weekend: ¤ 17,10
    midweek: ¤ 21,38
    week: ¤ 35,15

    Children's bike:
    weekend: ¤ 9,74
    midweek: ¤ 10,69
    week: ¤ 16,63

    Prices available on a selection of bikes.

    To be reserved at the same times as your cottage, or before arrival.
    Children bike : for a child with a maximum heigh of 1,55 m.

  • Sensation Plus Adult Arrangement

    This arrangement for 1 person includes :

  • 1 access to the forest adventure course for an adult over 16 years old and over 1,45m tall
  • 1 paint ball session(with 100 balls)
  • 1 Segway walk
  • Price: ¤ 52

    From 16 years old.

  • Sensation Plus for teenager

    This arrangement for 1 person includes :

  • 1 High Adventure Trail
  • 1 paintball(with 100 balls)
  • 1 Segway walk
  • Price: ¤ 45

    For children from 12 to 16 yo.

  • Early Booking Discount

    The sooner you book the bigger your discount

    More info

  • What is Center Parcs?

    Away from it all!

    More info

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