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De Vossemeren

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near Lommel (Belgium)

Relaxing time in Nature & Spa

Our aquatic subtropical paradise, Aqua Mundo, has been an important part of De Vossemeren for many years. And it lives up to its reputation: The wave pool, the slides and the wild river guarantee hours of aquatic fun for guests of all ages.

You can also go to Aqua Mundo to find some peace and tranquility. In the Beauty and Well-being Centre Nature & Spa you will be able to relax while enjoying a body treatment or a relaxing massage.

Other activities

  • Floating room

    You float around weightless on extremely saline water. In an ambience of relaxation and warmth, you will feel the tension and stress slipping away. In the luxurious Nature & Spa, it is only one of many treatments which you would also be able to book in advance!

    Price: Per person (from 16 years) ¤ 19.50 (for approximately one hour)

    45 minutes floating, 15 minutes for shower and preparation.

  • Massage

    Treat yourself to one of the relaxing body massages... You are advised to book your massage now already; in the park you will have to rely on the time still available with our masseur.


    • Only for people 16 years and older
    • Part massage (25 minutes) ¤ 27.50
    • Body massage ¤ 49.50
    • Hot Stone Massage (30 minutes)¤ 41.50
    • Body peeling ¤ 29.50
    • Relaxing massage with lavender oil (45 minutes) ¤ 50.50
    • Relaxing massage with warm candle oil (45 minutes) ¤ 52.50

  • Sauna/Turkish steam bath

    Pure relaxation: the sauna with Turkish steam bath and sauna pasture. The sauna is visited mostly for physical relaxation, health and improvement of welfare. The sauna also has a cleansing effect. The consequences: greater resistance and less stress.


    Day pass adults ¤ 14.95.
    Day pass children 8-12 years ¤ 6.50.
    Children aged up to and including 7 free.

    Prices apply only for park guests, other rates apply for day guests.

  • The Parent and Child Package

    • Facescrub and massage
    • Facial cleansing
    • Footbath
    • Foot Massage
    • Mask or moisturizer

    Price: ¤ 59 per person

    * Children between 0 and 16 years

  • Arrangement 4 Elements

    This rejuvenating, renewing ritual abducts you to a sensual journey, where you kan experience the power of all 4 elements. Find furthermore the source of youth. Everything the skin needs against the sign of time, unites an extensive, special bodycare. The rare substances as myrrh and incense spread beneficent aroma's. Body and mind experience a total metamorphosis. Afterwards your skin is smooth, firm, elastic and youthful.


    ¤ 130.00 (onsite ¤ 135,00)
    From 16 years

    Treatments of 130 minutes.


    • face treatment (45 minutes)
    • bodyscrub
    • Massage (30 minutes)
    • 4 elements packaging
    • sauna

    You can make a telephone booking on 0032/11 54 82 00 or on the spot at Nature & Spa.

  • VIP Arrangement

    Make your stay extra special and book a VIP Arrangement. If you book your arrangement before arrival, you will be sure to get the space you want.


    • Facial treatment
    • Massage (25 minutes)
    • Foot pampering
    • foot peeling and foot massage
    • Sauna
    • Massage bath or chocolate body mask


    From 16 years old
    Per person ¤ 127.00 (onsite ¤ 129.00)

    You can make a telephone booking on 0032/11 54 82 00 or on the spot at Nature & Spa.

  • Nature & Spa Package

    Relaxation forms part of every holiday. Why don't you book a few hours at a very good rate?


    • Massage bath with etheric oil
    • Relaxing body packing
    • Eclat facial mask
    • Foot pampering or Loofa Body scrub


    From 16 years old
    Per person ¤ 85.00 (on the spot ¤ 89.00)

    You can make a telephone booking on 0032/11 54 82 00 or on the spot at Nature & Spa.

  • Nature & Spa Facial treatment Signature

    For a total of 50 minutes, experienced professional staff will bring you into a state of total relaxation.
    Every smile, every gesture, every look makes you unique. Your skin reflects your personality like nothing else. And because your skin is so unique, it needs the best possible care. This is why we tailor each facial to your skin type. You will be radiant thanks to this treatment.

    • A three-stage cleanse: milk, mousse and peeling
    • A choice from either epilation or blackhead removal
    • A facial massage
    • A facial mask, finished off with a day cream

    Price: Price per package: ¤51,00.

    This package is not available for pregnant women. Vouchers for each treatment will be issued during check in. You will receive an e-mail from the village prior to arrival so that you can arrange your appointment.

  • Package "Bulle de Jeunesse"

    The Package "Bulle de Jeunesse" is all about the soothing effect of algae. After the extensive facial treatment, your skin will look radiant.


    • Extensive facial treatment to strengthen the skin
    • Relaxing back massage
    • Facial cleansing
    • Peeling
    • Facial massage
    • Hydrating and relaxing head massage
    • Finishing phase: hydrating anti-wrinkle treatment
    • Massage of the hands

    Price: ¤ 86,-

    You can make a telephone booking on 0032/11 54 82 00 or on the spot at Nature & Spa.

    All our packages and/or treatments are also available for the males.
    All our packages are inclusive bathrobe (¤ 10 deposit) and towels (¤ 5 deposit).

  • Early Booking Discount

    The sooner you book the bigger your discount

    More info

  • Green deed no.9: Swimming with a twinkle in your eye, rather than red-eye

    More info

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