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* The prices shown do not include reservation costs (29,50€ per booking), mandatory bed linen for Comfort Cottages in The Netherlands, Belgium and Germany (8€ per person), tourist taxes and other fees.

New at park Het Heijderbos

Winter at Center Parcs

Experience the magic of Winter Wonderland

The moment you enter the park you’ll know it... It’s going to be an enchanting stay! Discover the magical atmosphere of Winter Wonderland from 1 November 2016 until March 2017, with festive decorations, cosiness and winter activities. Winter Wonderland will really bring your family together and give you unforgettable memories to take home.
Be inspired! Discover our Winter Wonderland e-magazine
High Adventure Het Heijderbos

NEW: High Adventure Experience

Here's something for sports and adventure enthusiasts! On the outdoor adventure trail, you may even be surprised! Set off on this rope course while suspended several metres above the ground and embrace the adventure!
Parksluiting Heijderbos juni

Cool! Lots of exciting new activities in Het Heijderbos

There’s always something new at Center Parcs to make your holiday unforgettable. Take the renovated Action Factory at Het Heijderbos. Try a jump on the trampolines. Watch the kids bumping each other off track in the floating Bumper Cars. Or let them race around in electric mini cars. And who will be the first to solve all the riddles to get out of the Escape Room the fastest? More excitement awaits you outside, on the brand-new High Adventure Experience: dare you for a climb!

My pony

At Center Parcs, children learn how to take care of a pony: feed him, brush it, saddle it... but also know its history and distinctive signs.

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Come see the Orry & Friends show !

It is a hilarious interactive show where Orry goes on an adventure in an attic. He finds himself locked up with his friends Rep, Bing and Woops. To pass the time, they look at the objects of grandpa and grandma - and dive back into the past.

Children will listen, mesmerized, and join Orry in this fantastic world !

Play Kids Bingo with Orry & Friends !

A thriling game ! Who will be the first to complete his bingo card? Children play, sing and have fun like crazy !

Orry and his friends have updated the Kids Bingo. They reviewed everything : decor, games and songs. Guaranteed fun !

Move into the domain with Segway !

Segway has 3 advantages : it allows you to discover your environment, it is environmentally friendly and above all... It is fun ! It is a pleasure to be in the open air with this electric two-wheelers.

Acceleration, shift, brake ... This new electric means of transport reacts to the movements of your body!

Entertainment for the whole family

During the Family Workshops, parents are playing and tinkering with children, and the admire the result together.

It is also possible to rent a large number of games for the cottage : Monopoly, Trivial Pursuit, Twister... We have the most fun games available for the whole family.

Baby enjoy the Aqua Mundo in peace

Toddlers can now experience the water in Aqua Mundo during Baby Early Swim.

This activity allows you to swim with your baby an hour before the opening of the pool before the crowd arrives.

The fun does not stop at the domain boundaries !

Center Parcs Tours gives you the opportunity to enjoy all the advantages of the region where the domain is located.

You can book - at home or on the desk - the most pleasant excursions for all ages.

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* The prices shown do not include reservation costs (29,50€ per booking), mandatory bed linen for Comfort Cottages in The Netherlands, Belgium and Germany (8€ per person), tourist taxes and other fees.