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Nature deserves a break - duurzaam

Our Naturall Plan

It’s in our nature. Sustainability is the basis for everything we do at Center Parcs. And it’s also the name of the direction we’re following: ‘Our Naturall Plan’. It means being careful with all plant- and animal life, leaving a beautiful living environment for the next generation, and paying attention to the people around us. We do it through numerous initiatives and cooperation. 

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Nature deserves a break

Taking care of plant- and animal life.
Our aim is to expand the natural heritage around us. By looking after nature, just like we spoil our guests. It’s simply in our nature. 

Everyone deserves a break

Good for the people around us. 
Center Parcs is part of society: together we strive for a bright future. We do this through a comprehensive approach called Our Naturall Plan. For instance by being a good employer. But also by supporting worthy causes and welfare organisations. Our mission is to be good for the people around us. That way, we take care of each other. It’s in our nature.

Nature deserves a break - duurzaam

In Aqua Mundo

... you can keep your eyes open in the water. It contains


less chlorine, so no more red eyes!  

Center Parcs and the World Wide Fund for Nature Netherlands

... have been working together for years in education and nature experience. And you can see it in our parks.

Nature deserves a break
Nature deserves a break - Aqua Mundo
Nature deserves a break

Park =
90% woodland
and water

Nature deserves a break

14001x proud

Did you know that we are one of the
few in the recreation industry to have
an ISO 14001 environment certificate?
And we’re very proud of it.

Nature deserves a break

over nature

Jean Henkens has been a
biologist and landscape
architect at Center Parcs
for over 30 years. He keeps
a passionate eye on the
balance between nature and recreation.

Nature deserves a break

Our children,
our future

Every year Center Parcs and the World
Wide Fund for Nature organise a climate
summit for children. It’s called the Kids
Climate Conference.

Nature deserves a break

Together with

... Beyond the Moon, we give children suffering from long-term illnesses a


day in our parks. Their smiles last for months after.

Everyone deservers a break
Everyone deservers a break

Natural partners

Center Parcs and the Missing Chapter Foundation (MFC) are “natural" partners.  Together with MCF we strive for a healthy, sustainable life and for instance take part in Kids Counsel where children give advice to Center Parcs management.

Everyone deservers a break
Everyone deservers a break

Social commitment comes naturally for us

Everyone deservers a break

Caring for
each other

New employees follow an extensive induction programme to get immersed in our unique parks.

Everyone deservers a break

Every child
wants to be a child

Also children with a life-threatening disease. That’s why Center Parcs Make-A-Wish Netherlands helps to make sick children’s dreams come true.

Everyone deservers a break

At Center Parcs

Parcs Le Bois aux Daims (FR)


trees have been planted.

Great enjoyment, small footprint.

Center Parcs take part in the search for sustainable enterprise, THE GREEN QUEST - generating our own power, sorting waste, and lots more.  

Nature deserves a break - Aqua Mundo
Nature deserves a break

One with
nature among
the fish

Nature deserves a break

A warm welcome for tropical plants

The palm trees, orchids and banana trees that you enjoy seeing at Aqua Mundo and Market Dome? They had to make way for housing projects in their own countries. 

Nature deserves a break

The sun always shines here.
Your sheets and towels are
doubly clean. Because we
wash them with solar power.

Nature deserves a break

We adopt
homeless animals

Exotic animals are regularly confiscated at airports. At the Market Dome they can find a warm new home. They’re colourful and look great on a photo.

Nature deserves a break

Enjoying your work

From the head office employers to the life guard, and from the receptionist to the person who takes care of the animals: we aim to ensure that everyone has a

pleasant day

pleasant day at work. Of course, our guests can't help but notice that, too!

Everyone deservers a break
Everyone deservers a break

Every year, we offer

... more than 1,200 students the opportunity to take a work placement position at one of Europe's most attractive holiday parks. The Pierre et Vacances Center Parcs Groupe has parks and offices.

Everyone deservers a break
Everyone deservers a break

Enjoy organic and seasonal products all year round at our restaurants!

Everyone deservers a break

Motivated and qualified workers are essential to our success and progress. We offer our staff various opportunities for advancement, in which we look far beyond their current package of tasks. We are committed to providing our staff adequate guidance in their career path.


Fruit with spots

The production of our food depends on the input of a lot of raw materials and energy. We all believe that throwing out food is a shame, yet we are all partisan to this: 50 kilogrammes per person per year! There's no reason to throw out blemished fruit and vegetables. You can put them in a smoothie or a shake, ps: we do this at our restaurants too.

Everyone deservers a break

What child

doesn't enjoy petting animals? But what do animals eat? Do you have to brush them? Do they live inside or outside? With


a Zookeeper, children learn what it is like be dedicated to the health and welfare of animals.

We combat

... aphids naturally, using ladybugs. This way, you can enjoy a lush tropical jungle.

Nature deserves a break
Nature deserves a break - Aqua Mundo
Nature deserves a break

We promote
the use of public transportation

Refrigeration and freezing without warming

Refrigeration and freezing

... without warming. Besides keeping healthy products cool, the refrigeration and freezer units in all our supermarkets are also ecologically friendly. They do not contain any gases that are hazardous to the ozone layer.

Nature deserves a break

All the toilet paper
is environmentally-
friendly produced —
but only nature itself
will notice this!

Nature deserves a break

Charge before loading

Take a deep breath when one of our work vehicles drives past. Our work vehicles are electrically powered.

Nature deserves a break
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