Make your holiday perfect:

You can enjoy a range of benefits if you book your stay at Center Parcs well in advance:

  • the village and style of cottage remain your choice
  • but you’ll also receive a highly attractive Early Bird Discount of up to 20%
  • and… you’ll get 4 Toppings completely free of charge!

4 free Toppings for Early Birds

What are "Toppings"?

What are
Toppings are activities or services that complete your holiday experience. One of these Toppings is fixed: your Preferred cottage location. Would you like to be as close to the Aqua Mundo as possible? Or have a playground nearby? Or would you prefer a peaceful and remote spot with lots of privacy?

You can select your remaining 3 free Toppings. There are more than 60 activities to choose from. From adrenaline kicks to kids’ activities and from fun for the whole family to some relaxing time to yourself. Example:

  • High Adventure Experience: your knees tremble as you climb high on a ropeway circuit.
  • Wannabe a Pirate, a Chef, a Princess or whatever your children dream about becoming.
  • Let out all your stress in the sauna.

How do I claim my free Toppings?

How do I claim my free Toppings?
It’s simple: book your stay 2 months or more in advance. You’ll be able to make your holiday even better with 4 free Toppings. Each village has different topping offers in store for you.

Attention: You only receive Toppings in combination with the early booking discount or for other actions when it's clearly mentioned in the action conditions.