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* The prices shown do not include reservation costs (29,50€ per booking), mandatory bed linen for Comfort cottages in The Netherlands, Belgium and Germany (8€ per person), tourist taxes and other fees.

New at park De Vossemeren

Discover new cottage

Discover the new Comfort and Premium New Design cottages

The Comfort and Premium New Design cottages are equipped with modern furniture and new contemporary décor.Everything has been updated and refreshed so you can enjoy your holidays to the full. 
New Orry & Friends Show

Come enjoy the Orry & Friends Show!

A hilarious and interactive show, where Orry goes on an adventure and travels around the whole world together with his friends. And all with the one goal of finding the home of their new friend.

The kids will listen breathlessly and dream away into fantasy stories!

De Vossemeren Zoover Award Gold

Center Parcs wins gold!

De Vossemeren has won a great prize: the Zoover Gold Award. This means that the park has won the title of most popular holiday park in all of Belgium! With an amazing average score of at least 8 we managed to please lots of guests during their stay at De Vossemeren in the past year. And not only that, we also scored highest internationally, beating other sunny destinations worldwide, which is wonderful, because at Center Parcs you can also enjoy tropical scenery without having to travel far.
Thanks for your reviews!
Zip Wire

Even longer, even more fun: The new, updated Zip Wire in De Vossemeren

Swishh… Off you go, hanging from the Zip Wire, 12 metres high! Flying at lightning speed over the water, to an island...and then back to the starting platform. That's what's unique about the new, updated Zip Wire in De Vossemeren. It's also one of the longest in Flanders: 325 metres long, enough to get the adrenaline flowing!  

Fancy an exhilarating flight through the air? Try the new, updated Zip Wire!
Kids safari

Kids safari

Adventure calls! Hop into your jeep and get moving. Come on, leave the road and head off into the jungle, where there’s more to find.

Your kids will immediately feel like they’re on a real safari when they get the full safari package, including jeep keys, safari hats, binoculars and a route/discovery map. A safari trip through the park takes 30 minutes.

My pony

At Center Parcs, children learn how to take care of a pony: feed him, brush it, saddle it... but also know its history and distinctive signs.

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Entertainment for the whole family

During the Family Workshops, parents are playing and tinkering with children, and the admire the result together.

It is also possible to rent a large number of games for the cottage : Monopoly, Trivial Pursuit, Twister... We have the most fun games available for the whole family.

Baby enjoy the Aqua Mundo in peace

Toddlers can now experience the water in Aqua Mundo during Baby Early Swim.

This activity allows you to swim with your baby an hour before the opening of the pool before the crowd arrives.

Teenagers only !

Teenagers love having their own place. They listen to one of their favorite songs, they train on the interactive football wall, or they simply chat with each other.  For all these activities, the Cube is the perfect place !

In addition, many pool parties are organized during school holidays, when the Aqua Mundo is transformed into a unique festive place.


The fun does not stop at the domain boundaries !

Center Parcs Tours gives you the opportunity to enjoy all the advantages of the region where the domain is located.

You can book - at home or on the desk - the most pleasant excursions for all ages.

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* The prices shown do not include reservation costs (29,50€ per booking), mandatory bed linen for Comfort cottages in The Netherlands, Belgium and Germany (8€ per person), tourist taxes and other fees.