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The Center Parcs digital gift voucher

Looking for an original present? Then the Center Parcs digital gift voucher is for you!
The Center Parcs digital gift voucher is the easiest gift to choose for every occasion, both in business and socially.

digitale cadeaubon

The benefits:

  • Order up to 5 vouchers online in one transaction
  • Specify the value of the gift voucher yourself.
  • The gift voucher will be sent directly to the specified email address, if necessary with an approopriate message.
  • Can be used immediately when making a reservation.
Check out the digital gift voucher

Frequently asked questions

1. How do I pay for the voucher?
The voucher is paid directly on internet only.
2. I have bought a voucher, but I want to cancel/retract the sale. Can I do this?
You may cancel the gift voucher within 7 days of purchase on the condition that the voucher has not been used. To do so, you must contact the Center Parcs' Special Reservations Department (+31 10 498 97 54.). After this period you may no longer receive cash payment in exchange for the voucher.

3. I have used a voucher, but it still has some value on it.
If you have used up part of the gift voucher (for example, if you've bought a gift voucher for € 250 but you've only used up € 150), the remaining value can be used for another booking, and is valid for a 3-year period following the purchase of the gift voucher. The remaining value of the voucher cannot be reimbursed in cash or other types of vouchers (food and fun vouchers).

4. Can somebody else use my voucher?
Yes: the voucher is not personalized. This means that you have to be carefull in whom you let your voucher see, because anyone can use it.

5. Can I use my Center Parcs Voucher to book a Sunparks stay?
Yes you can

6. Can I use the vouchers in combination with promotions of Center Parcs?
Yes you can

7. How is the voucher used for booking a stay?
The amount from the voucher is distracted from the invoiced amount.

8. Can I use more than one voucher for a booking?
Yes, it is possible! But you can only use a maximum of 16 gift vouchers.

9. I have an old/fysical voucher. Can I use this voucher for a booking online?
No. If you have an "old/fysical" voucher you can only make a booking thru the Call Center

10. Are there any other costs involved in the sale of the voucher
No. You only pay for the value of the voucher.

11. I have forgotten to use the voucher and it is now expired a couple of days. Can i still use it?
No this is not possible anymore
12. I have received a voucher but when I try to use the voucher, it is not accepted.
The voucher consists of a code with letters and numbers. It can happen that the code has been incorrectly copied. The letter i is sometimes confused with the number 1, and the zero with the letter o. So take extra care:

  • Capital letter i (I) and the number one (1)
  • Capital letter o (O) and the number zero (0)

13. Do I receive the voucher via the mail / can I print out the gift voucher?
No, you (or the person you are sending the voucher to) will receive the voucher per e-mail. If you want, you can print out the voucher yourself. You can also copy the code and print it on a Gift voucher you have made yourself.
If you want to print out the voucher straight from the e-mail, it can happen that this doesn’t work. This is due to the settings of your mail programme.
In that case, you need to do the following:

  • Web mail via Internet Explorer go to: (menu) Extra -> Internet Options -> (tab) Advanced -> Print -> Tick: Print background colours and images (and then save)
  • Web mail via Firefox go to: (menu) File -> Page settings -> (tab) Format and options => Tick option:  Print background (colours & images) Outlook/Outlook Express: Define settings via Internet Explorer as explained above.
Only Center Parcs offers you this much included

* The prices shown do not include reservation costs (€29,50 per booking), mandatory bed linen for Comfort cottages in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany (€8,50 per person), tourist taxes and other fees.