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Explore our giant slides (Rocket, Crater, Tube, Lifter, etc.), enjoy the large outdoor lagoons that are 30°C all year long, have fun with your family in the wave pool, jacuzzis and the children and baby's play areas and experience a moment of relaxation at the Deep Nature® Spa. More than 15 more activities...

Giant slides

Take on the Aqualagon's seven giant slides as a family or go it alone. Choose between the Rocket, Crater, Lifter, Body Experience, Tube, Liaison Slide and Racer slides. Guaranteed thrills for all ages.

Exhilarating waters

Wave pools, white-water rivers, water trees, kiddie pools... Get carried away in a whirlpool of aquatic surprises! When the weather is warm, bathe in the natural lake, relax on the beach and play some beach games.

Relaxing waters

Looking for the ultimate relaxation? Try our spa, our lounge-chair areas and our semi-aquatic leisure spaces, and you are sure to find the perfect way to unwind and enjoy yourself.

Thrilling waters

Only the bravest families or solo adventurers will be up to tackling the seven huge Aqualagon slides! After taking that plunge, why not challenge your friends to see who will be the last to fall in the water as you scale the aquatic climbing wall?

Activities: Aqualagon


Also discover the events and activities that take place outside the park.

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In the water or in the countryside: Find your ideal pastime or activity.

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