Our Worlds

At Villages Nature® Paris, every stay includes unlimited access to our five recreational worlds: Aqualagon, BelleVie Farm, Forest of Legends, Extraordinary Gardens and Lakeside Promenade. Come explore them all!


From thrills to relaxation, discover our water park, no matter the season.

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BelleVie Farm

Get up close with the world of farming. Stables, animals, vegetable gardens, greenhouses... Everything you need to walk a mile in a farmer's wellies!

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Forest of Legends

For kids, nature is full of magical secrets. Why not take them to a world of legends?

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Extraordinary Gardens

Stir your senses and experience the wonders of nature artfully enhanced by human hands as you explore the stimulating, beautiful trails with their elemental themes.

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Lakeside Promenade

Stroll through this botanical city, which pulses with life day and night, and celebrate the "Good Life".

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Learn about the activities and shows available all year round that are not part of our five worlds.

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