On holiday with your toddler

Look at the smiles on their faces! It’s no surprise, since they’re on holiday in a great big play paradise with many new things to do. Who’s enjoying it more, you or your toddler?

come to Center Parcs :

Een schaterlach op de waterglijbaan. Trots op de fiets. Helemaal opgaan in de show van Orry & Vrienden. Er zijn zoveel momenten dat u geniet van uw peuter. En bij Center Parcs beleeft u ze pas echt intens. Quality time, van opstaan tot bedtijd.
  • Romp around (indoor) play worlds, shriek with laughter in the new Orry & Friends show, and do crafts or learn how to ride a bicycle at the Center Parcs Academy (NEW)
  • Toddler-friendly? A fun and safe kid’s pool, bedtime stories in the Market Dome and a children’s menu in every restaurant… your kids will feel like royalty!
  • A good time for everyone: they can have fun in a playground, play world or play corner while you keep a watchful eye and enjoy a magazine and a cappuccino.
  • Around your roomy cottage, you’ll find a car-free world of discovery filled with squirrels and bunnies.

Custom made activities and services

The very best toddler activities

  • Playgrounds everywhere, a Kids Klub and a new Orry & Friends show.
  • The best kid’s activities with Orry & Friends, including Kid’s Disco and Kid’s Bingo, a fun Kid’s Parade through the village and Bedtime Stories before going to sleep.
  • Live out your pirate fantasies at the indoor Discovery Bay (De Vossemeren) or your explorer fantasies at the Jungle Dome (Het Heijderbos).
  • And, of course, there are plenty of activities for parents too: from tennis to treetop climbing adventures, and from diving to golf.

New – for the perfect holiday with your toddler

Vacances avec bébé
  • NEW Baby Early Bird Swimming: Peaceful swimming in lovely warm water before opening time.
  • NEW Center Parcs Academy: Learn something during your holiday, like how to ride a bicycle.
  • NEW Baby Service Pack, including changing mat, baby box, bouncing chair, baby bath, night light, buggy, toys and baby-bike.
  • NEW Workshop: PlayMais, something that your toddlers (and you) can use for hours of playing and crafting. 

Our villages are suitable for everybody. Here are some suggestions:

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