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Escape Room De Eemhof

Escape Room

Family Laser Battle (indoor) De Eemhof

Family Laser Battle (indoor)

Wall climbing (indoor) De Eemhof

Wall climbing (indoor)

Action Factory De Eemhof

Action Factory

Flow Rider De Eemhof

Flow Rider

Adventure Golf (outdoor) De Eemhof

Adventure Golf (outdoor)

Archery Tag De Eemhof

Archery Tag

Basketball (outdoor) De Eemhof

Basketball (outdoor)

Pedalo De Eemhof


Banana Boat De Eemhof

Banana Boat

Beach Volleyball (outdoor) De Eemhof

Beach Volleyball (outdoor)

Bowling De Eemhof


Center Parcs Excursions: Boat Trip De Eemhof

Center Parcs Excursions: Boat Trip

Cool Factor: Laser Battle De Eemhof

Cool Factor: Laser Battle

Workouts De Eemhof


Center Parcs Excursions De Eemhof

Center Parcs Excursions

Fly Boarding De Eemhof

Fly Boarding

Included Football (outdoor) De Eemhof

Football (outdoor)

Geocaching De Eemhof


Included The HangOut (outdoor) De Eemhof

The HangOut (outdoor)

Canoe hire De Eemhof

Canoe hire

Boating De Eemhof


Ninebot De Eemhof


Via Ferrata (outdoor) De Eemhof

Via Ferrata (outdoor)

High Adventure Experience (outdoors) De Eemhof

High Adventure Experience (outdoors)

Included Fishing De Eemhof


Included Beach De Eemhof


Wind Surfing De Eemhof

Wind Surfing

Family Bike De Eemhof

Family Bike

Segway (rental) De Eemhof

Segway (rental)

Supa Golf De Eemhof

Supa Golf

Tennis (outdoor) De Eemhof

Tennis (outdoor)

Included Ping Pong (outdoor) De Eemhof

Ping Pong (outdoor)

Archery (outdoor) De Eemhof

Archery (outdoor)

Sports Tournaments De Eemhof

Sports Tournaments

Gazelle Bikes De Eemhof

Gazelle Bikes

Sailing De Eemhof


Electric Cart De Eemhof

Electric Cart

Mountain Biking De Eemhof

Mountain Biking

Wakeboarding De Eemhof


Zip Wire, Exhilarating Cable-Lift De Eemhof

Zip Wire, Exhilarating Cable-Lift

E-scooter De Eemhof


Adventure Golf (outdoor) De Eemhof

Adventure Golf (outdoor)

Family Workshop De Eemhof

Family Workshop

Family Paintball (outdoor) De Eemhof

Family Paintball (outdoor)

Stand Up Paddling De Eemhof

Stand Up Paddling

Included Playground De Eemhof


Kids Workshop De Eemhof

Kids Workshop

Bungee Trampoline De Eemhof

Bungee Trampoline

Kids Safari De Eemhof

Kids Safari

Included Children's Farm De Eemhof

Children's Farm

Kids Makeover De Eemhof

Kids Makeover

Baby Massage De Eemhof

Baby Massage

Included Meet & Greet De Eemhof

Meet & Greet

Kids Haven De Eemhof

Kids Haven

Included Orry & Friends: Kids Concert De Eemhof

Orry & Friends: Kids Concert

Included Orry & Friends: Bedtime stories De Eemhof

Orry & Friends: Bedtime stories

Included Orry & Friends: Kids' Disco De Eemhof

Orry & Friends: Kids' Disco

Kiddies Programme De Eemhof

Kiddies Programme

Wannabe a Witch or a Wizard De Eemhof

Wannabe a Witch or a Wizard

Wannabe a Secret Agent De Eemhof

Wannabe a Secret Agent

Wannabe a Painter De Eemhof

Wannabe a Painter

Wannabe a Pirate De Eemhof

Wannabe a Pirate

Wannabe a Princess or Knight De Eemhof

Wannabe a Princess or Knight

Wannabe a Top Model De Eemhof

Wannabe a Top Model

Included Orry & Friends Show: Odd Birds De Eemhof

Orry & Friends Show: Odd Birds

Glitter Tattoo De Eemhof

Glitter Tattoo

Included Puppet Show De Eemhof

Puppet Show

Included Orry & Friends: Adventure Parade De Eemhof

Orry & Friends: Adventure Parade

Wax Hands De Eemhof

Wax Hands

Halloween activities De Eemhof

Halloween activities

Fun Bikes De Eemhof

Fun Bikes

Kids Workshop: Make your own Stuffed Animal De Eemhof

Kids Workshop: Make your own Stuffed Animal

Included Orry & Friends: Crazy Gameshow De Eemhof

Orry & Friends: Crazy Gameshow

Included Early Bird Baby Swimming De Eemhof

Early Bird Baby Swimming

Included Jacuzzis De Eemhof


Baby Swimming De Eemhof

Baby Swimming

Cool Factor: Wild Water Rafting De Eemhof

Cool Factor: Wild Water Rafting

Introduction to Diving (2h) De Eemhof

Introduction to Diving (2h)

Introduction to Diving for Kids (1h) De Eemhof

Introduction to Diving for Kids (1h)

Included Children's Pool De Eemhof

Children's Pool

Included Wave Pool De Eemhof

Wave Pool

Included Outdoor Pool De Eemhof

Outdoor Pool

Included Lazy River De Eemhof

Lazy River

Included Wild Water River De Eemhof

Wild Water River

Seniors Early Bird Swimming De Eemhof

Seniors Early Bird Swimming

Included Slides De Eemhof


Included Turbo Twister De Eemhof

Turbo Twister

Water Polo De Eemhof

Water Polo

Crazy Bingo Game De Eemhof

Crazy Bingo Game

Included Family Quiz Night De Eemhof

Family Quiz Night

Included Live Music De Eemhof

Live Music

Included Night Out De Eemhof

Night Out

Included Show Night: X-tra Ordinario De Eemhof

Show Night: X-tra Ordinario

House of Games De Eemhof

House of Games

Included Welcome Night De Eemhof

Welcome Night

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