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Discover our parks & their location

Twenty-four parks, each of which has something entirely unique to offer. Tell us how far you want to travel and which environment you like and we’ll show you which parks will suit you best. The more information you fill in, the more accurate our selection will be.

Our advice: treat yourself to the ultimate Center Parcs experience in one of our 5-Birdies parks.

Learn more about distances from the main ferry– and airports on our transportation page.

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What does the number of Birdies tell you about your holiday?
At each of our parks at Center Parcs you'll experience a unique holiday experience, come rain or shine. Fully equipped cottages in the most beautiful nature, the unique Aqua Mundo tropical swimming paradise and many activities inside and outside. Nevertheless, each park is different in surface, offer in activities and facilities. The number of 'Birdies' is your indicator in these differences.

3-Birdies parks
Ideal if you prefer slightly smaller parks, with the guarantee of a unique Center Parcs holiday. The perfect place to relax and to use as a base from which to explore the area:

• Subtropical Market Dome with restaurants and a supermarket
• Relax and discover the beautiful nature and environment of our parks
• The subtropical swimming paradise Aqua Mundo
• Activities for kids

(1) Not available at: Parc Sandur

4-Birdies parks
Experience the wide range of activities, in a pleasant medium big park. Immerse yourself in the entertainment for young and old, all day long. Enjoy everything that Center Parcs has to offer and the beautiful surroundings.

Enjoy all 3-Birdies activities and facilities and additional:
• Wild water rapids (2) and exciting slides in the Aqua Mundo
• Adrenaline activities: The High Adventure climbing trail, climbing walls or the Zip Wire
• Tough kids push their boundaries with Cool Factor activities such as Laser Battle and Paintballing
• Surprisingly fun Kids Cottages (3), each with their own playroom
• Special offers for nearby amusement parks (4)
• A large variety of restaurants in the Market Dome, a quick snack, fresh buffet or even à la carte
• Live entertainment with singers and dancers and the fun family quiz

(2) Not available at Park Bostalsee or Park Hochsauerland. (3) New generation children’s cottage available at: Het Meerdal. (4) Available at: Het Meerdal and De Huttenheugte.

5-Birdies parks
Treat yourself to the ultimate Center Parcs experience. With the most extensive range of activities, accommodation and entertainment, for all age groups. With the most beautiful facilities in the middle of a stunning landscape.

Enjoy all 3- and 4-Birdies activities and facilities and additional:
• Special stays such as in the Houseboats, Tree Houses, Theme cottages, Kids Cottages and the new luxurious comfort level: Exclusive cottages (5)
• Indoor play worlds like the Discovery Bay and the Jungle Dome (6)
• The most comprehensive range of activities such as interactive football walls, watersports and numerous children's activities
• Wellness: saunas, massages & full-body treatments (7)

(5) Houseboats available at De Eemhof, De Kempervennen and Bispinger Heide. Tree houses available at Bispinger Heide & Bois aux Daims. New generation children's cottage available at: Het Meerdal, Theme and exclusive cottages available at Les Trois Forêts. (6) Discovery Bay is available at De Vossemeren and Jungle Dome is available at Het Heijderbos. (7) Not available at: De Kempervennen and De Eemhof.

What would you like to do?

Guests at all our parks have unlimited access to the Aqua Mundo tropical swimming paradise, there are plenty of children's activities and you can enjoy live entertainment. On top of that, every park has its own specialities.

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There are 24 results.

De Kempervennen (NL)

  • Located in the South of Holland between two massive lakes
  • Subtropical swimming paradise with a snorkel pool
  • Adventurous indoor activities such as the Climbing Paradise and year-round skiing in Montana Snowcenter
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De Vossemeren (BE)

  • Located in the northern Belgium alongside two large lakes; perfect for water sports
  • Subtropical swimming paradise with a high-speed transparent funnel slide and a snorkel pool
  • Indoor entertainment for everyone; enjoy lots of fun in the huge play world Discovery Bay
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De Eemhof (NL)

  • Located in the middle of Holland, on the edge of the wide Eemmeer lake
  • Hours of fun in the subtropical swimming paradise with a spectacular funnel slide and a surf simulator
  • Enjoy the Mediterranean atmosphere at the Market Square, with restaurants and boutiques
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Le Lac d'Ailette (FR)

  • In the northern French region of Picardy, situated at the beautiful shore of an extensive lake
  • Subtropical swimming paradise with 5 slides, a Water Playhouse for the kids and a wellness
  • Ideal for water sports such as canoeing and relaxing on the beach
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Bispinger Heide (DE)

  • Located in northern Germany, in the middle of a dense forest along a sparkling lake
  • Subtropical swimming paradise with 2 slides, a children's pool in Dragon Rock theme and a wellness
  • Play at blazing speed in the Formula 1 style BALUBA indoor play paradise
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Les Trois Forêts (FR)

  • In the northern French Vosges, in the middle of a forest with gigantic trees
  • Huge subtropical swimming paradise with 6 slides including the longest slide (190m) of Center Parcs
  • ZE Place, an indoor play hall for teens with exciting activities - adrenalin rush guaranteed!
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Het Heijderbos (NL)

  • Located in the South of Holland, in the middle of a beautiful forested area
  • Subtropical swimming paradise with the fastest wild water rapid of all our parks
  • Plenty of fun in the indoor jungle named Jungle Dome and adventurous overnight stays in a Jungle Cabana
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Le Bois aux Daims (FR)

  • In the Loire region, near the old town of Poitiers, Vienne and the Anjou-Saumur vineyards
  • Large subtropical swimming paradise with four spectacular slides and a double Water Playhouse
  • Unique opportunity to see the wildlife from all kinds of observation decks in the park and in front of your cottage
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Les Bois-Francs (FR)

Verneuil sur Avre
  • In the green heart of Normandy, just a 90 minutes drive to the city of Paris
  • Subtropical swimming paradise with 5 water slides and a Water Playhouse for lots of water fun
  • Enjoy unlimited fun at indoor play hall Action Factory or play golf with a beautiful castle view
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Erperheide (BE)

  • Located in northern Belgium, in the middle of the forests of the Limburgse Kempen
  • Subtropical swimming paradise with an unique snorkel pool in the style of an Asian fishing village
  • Have fun in the BALUBA, a large indoor play world for the little ones
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Park Zandvoort (NL)

  • Located in the North of Holland with a boulevard alongside the North Sea beach
  • Subtropical swimming paradise with its 25-meter pool and watch a movie in the Aqua Cinema
  • Jump and stumble in the huge indoor trampoline park Jump XL
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Het Meerdal (NL)

  • Located in the South of Holland, alongside a large lake in a dense forest
  • Blazing speed on the 103m long slide in the subtropical swimming paradise
  • All in one: indoor play paradise BALUBA for fun and restaurants in the Market Dome for a tasty break
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Limburgse Peel (NL)

  • In the Southeast of Holland, in the middle of the beautiful forests of Limburg
  • Compact subtropical swimming paradise with an interactive slide
  • Entertainment, both inside and outside the park, with theme park Toverland at a 10 minutes' drive
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Port Zélande (NL)

  • Located in the South of Holland, between lake Grevelingen and one of the most beautiful North Sea beaches
  • Subtropical swimming paradise including a large Water Playhouse for kids and an inline tube slide
  • Indoor play hall Adventure Factory with exciting and relaxing activities for everyone
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Les Hauts de Bruyères (FR)

  • In the beautiful Loire Valley, known for its spectacular fairytale castles
  • Subtropical swimming paradise with the 100m long inline tube slide and the renewed wellness
  • Unlimited fun in the indoor play hall Experience Factory and learn new trics at the unique circus school
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De Huttenheugte (NL)

  • Hidden in the forests of Drenthe, situated in northern Holland, on the edge of a large lake
  • Subtropical swimming paradise with a large play area for children
  • Indoor play hall Action Factory with lots of activities for the whole family
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Park Bostalsee (DE)

  • In the hilly Southwest of Germany along the wide Bostal lake
  • Subtropical swimming paradise with 4 slides and a gigantic Water Playhouse
  • Ideal for hikes or beach and water sports such as sailing and windsurfing
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Park Hochsauerland (DE)

  • Located in western Germany, in the hilly Sauerland region
  • Subtropical swimming paradise with a large Water Playhouse for kids and a wellness
  • Climbing and clambering in the longest outdoor playground of Europe: AVENTURA
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Park Eifel (DE)

  • Located in Western Germany, in the middle of the UNESCO World Heritage Eifel
  • Compact subtropical swimming paradise with a slide
  • Children can play and romp for hours in the indoor Kids Factory
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Park Nordseeküste (DE)

  • Located in northern Germany along the UNESCO World Heritage Wadden Sea
  • Subtropical swimming paradise with multiple levels, including an inline tube slide and a sauna
  • Plenty of outdoor activities such as mudflat hiking and Friesenstrand' playground for the kids
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Parc Sandur (NL)

  • In the Dutch province of Drenthe alongside a huge recreational lake
  • Compact family swimming pool with a slide
  • Close to WILDLANDS Adventure Zoo in Emmen; use the advantageous multi-day pass!
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Les Ardennes (BE)

  • Located in the Southeast of Belgium, in the middle of the green hilly Ardennes, surrounded by picturesque villages
  • Subtropical swimming paradise with a double slide for hours of racing fun!
  • Challenge each other and be adventurous on the climbing course high up in the trees
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Park Allgäu (DE)

  • Located in Allgäu region, in the South of Germany, close to the Alps
  • Large subtropical swimming paradise with 5 slides and the longest wild water rapid of all our parks
  • Two large indoor play worlds totaling 2000 m² and many exciting outdoor activities
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Villages Nature® Paris (FR)

Marne La Vallée
  • Accommodations (cottages and apartment) for 2 to 12 people
  • One of the largest water parks in Europe heated by geothermal energy
  • A large choice of fun and sporting activities, entertainment to enjoy with family or friends
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Only Center Parcs offers you this much included

* The prices shown do not include reservation costs (€29,50 per booking), mandatory bed linen for Comfort cottages in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany (€8,50 per person), tourist taxes and other fees.